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December 2016


Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

OMG y’all! I need to share this with you, but only if you’re ready to spice up your life!

So every morning for the last two weeks as soon as I have regained conscienseness from my deep and peaceful slumber I have made myself self a “Fire in the Hole” ginger shot. I’m absolutely in love. I’ve always been a huge fan of ginger and anything with a kick.

Both ginger and cayenne pepper have amazing homeopathic influences on the body, such as:

Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Clears congestion, Treats stomach ulcers, Aids in weightless , Promotes heart health , Treats sores , Aids in digestion, Lowers blood pressure, Treats toothaches, Treats colds & fever


Needed Ingredients include: Lemons, Fresh ginger (you can use dried ginger), cayenne pepper, and water. Thats it!

First, I juiced two large fresh lemons (be sure to remove any seeds)



After dicing fresh ginger I used a mortar and pestle to grind the ginger to a pulp. Then, after adding the ginger to the lemon juice I stirred in the cayenne pepper and lemon zest. I like heat so I add extra pepper.


This Fire in the Hole ginger shot is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism every morning. I like to add this shot to my pre-work out routine. Give this recipe a try and let me know if you like it!



Lets get Fit together!

Well y’all… the holiday season is just around the corner and I’m already dreaming of gorging on delicious meats, sweet treats, and all while listening to some Christmas beats. Too much? lol – What I’m not looking forward to is the terrible guilt that will follow. Luckily I picked up an early xmas gift for myself while I was out doing a little gift shopping for friends and family. This @Fitbit Alta that I picked up from @Nordstrom will give me a leg up on my pre-holiday fitness.



Style & Function

The Fitbit Alta features a front facing display where the user can see how many steps that they have taken that day, they can also display the date and time in various formats that are all customizable. One of my favorite feature is the ability to receive text and call notification right on the screen.


Community and Motivation

I do have to be honest. I never thought that I would like the idea of wearing a wristband that just told me how many steps that I have taken. I totally thought that it was a fad and gimmick. Once I gave it a shot I quickly realized that it is so much more that. The ability to connect with your friends and family really changes the game. Through the Friends feature users are able to set group challenges and fitness plans that really encourages personal health and fitness, and accountability from your friends and peers.

Lets get Fit together

add me as a friend on the Fitbit website and app so we can challenge and motive each other! I’ve already set up a daily goal of 12,000 steps for myself. Whats your daily goal?

Thats the email/user name for my account!



The Classic Peacoat

A navy peacoat is a MUST HAVE staple in every mans closet. I love this particular double breasted version from Banana Republic. 100% Italian wool jackets will keep every man warm throughout a Colorado winter. I particular love the broad lapels and length of this coat. I’m a huge fan of the versatility of a classic peacoat – from running around campus to a night out on the town, a classic peacoat is worth every penny.


For this shoot I paired the Peacoat with a beautiful cashmere zip cardigan and a tailored oxford button-down shirt. untitled-8664