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February 2017


Fresh Lobster Linguine

A few days ago I invited a new friend over for some white wine and put together this easy to make and mouthwatering delicious meal. Lately I have been on a sea food kick – I was putting together a list of some great dishes that highlighted seafood when I realized that I had never cooked fresh lobster. I set out on my mission create a light and fresh dish that included fresh Maine lobster.


I took a trip to my favorite local market and picked up a medium sized fresh Lobster from the coast of Maine. To be honest I don’t really know how to pick out a “qualifying” contender – I asked and trusted the gentleman that was at the counter.

…this guy was a winner


After bringing a deep pot of water to a strong boil place your fresh lobster into the pot claws first. Keep the rubber bands on the claws, this will keep the claw meat tender throughout the cooking process. Cook the lobster for 12 mins per pound.



Remove the cooked lobster from the water and chill on ice. This will stop the lobster from over cooking. No one wants chewy lobster.


Now comes the time to remove the meat from the shell. I’ll spar the messy photographs. lol


After you have removed the meat dice into bite sized pieces.

In a sauté pan heat up a little olive oil and add slice Serrano peppers and garlic. The goal is to add flavor to the olive oil.

Toss in fresh linguine into the pan. The pasta is already cooked so we are just adding flavor. Before removing the pasta from the pan toss in the fresh lobster and give it a couple of spins. Don’t leave on the heat for too long or you will end up with soft pasta and chewy lobster




Plate the pasta and fresh Lobster. Top with fresh lemon juice and parsley.

Thats all!



I hope you enjoy this recipe! Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always here to help.

– Michael