Hello. Thank you for checking out my  website. My names is Michael Gurulé.                      Lets be friends!

About MichaelJGurulé.com

MichaelJGurule.com is a Denver based lifestyle blog covering mens style, home, food, and health. With a fresh perspective and unique approach, MichaelJGurule.com is a prime source to find inspiration in what to wear or the perfect meal to cook at your next dinner party. Martha, who? 😉

About Michael 

At heart Michael is a creative soul. Michael loves to create new things and express his unique personal style in all aspects of his life. Michael is currently double majoring in Business Finance and Political Science. He hopes to attend law school in New York City after he completes his first two degrees. When Michael isn’t studying for classes or working, he enjoys cooking and  entertaing for his close friends.